Moving Ahead With Tired Creek

Officials in Grady County say despite a cut in state funding, they're determined to move ahead with their plans for a marina and recreational area for south Georgians and tourists.

Project coordinators say money or no money they're moving ahead. Now, they're only waiting on the final permit to be issued.

The area in the northwestern part of Grady County has been undeveloped forest and meadows for decades, and talk has been going on for 30 years to change that.

Charles Norton, Grady County Commissioner, says, "We've done endangered species study, we've done plant study, we've done locations to find out the most feasible place."

Grady County officials say this span of 1,200 acres is the best site for a recreational area, including a sandy beach and a marina, and they're working hard to finally get the ball rolling.

Project coordinators say they've had to cut back on plans for Tired Creek a bit since they only received $675,000 from the state as opposed to the originally proposed $10 million. They say they're going ahead with the plans and hoping more money comes later.

"There will be some commercial property sold out here; there will also be some residential property. There will be something for everyone."

Project coordinators say they should know within the next several months if their permit is approved and then the real work can begin.

Local officials met with consultants in Atlanta last week and say they'll try to meet with them again in a month or two, and if this project could affect water flow issues in north Florida as well, that has been talked over with Florida officials, and project coordinators say they are going ahead with more studies to make sure there won't be too much of a change.