Homicide on Bonnie Street

One man is dead and another is on the run after shots rang out on Tallahassee's west side.

A quiet Tallahassee neighborhood is the scene of Tallahassee's third homicide of the year. Now, police are looking for the man witnesses say pulled the trigger more than once.

There was a gruesome discovery Wednesday morning on Bonnie Drive in Tallahassee. Just before 8:00 a.m., 38-year-old Stephen Anthony Victor was found lying in a driveway, riddled with gunshot wounds.

Sean Hassan, a Bonnie Drive resident, said, "When I walked over there I saw him lying there, never saw someone like that that's been shot."

One person saw two men arguing, another actually witnessed the shooting. Police immediately put into motion a massive manhunt for the alleged trigger man, 49-year-old Yusuf Abdul Hakim.

Police are still trying to sort out his relationship to the victim, but neighbors tell us they may have been involved with the same woman.

Residents describe Bonnie Drive as a quiet and a serene street, yet that security was shattered by gunshots.

Bill Runkle, a Bonnie Drive resident, said, "I heard the shots and I still can't believe it happened in our neighborhood."

Police aren't saying why the victim, Steven Victor, was at the Bonnie Drive home in the first place Wednesday morning.

Hakim was last seen leaving Bonnie Drive in a green Ford mini van, possibly with a Georgia tag. Investigators did not recover the murder weapon at the scene, so they consider Hakim armed and dangerous.