Construction Site Stealings

Thieves are making off with thousands of dollars in home appliances, and wait until you see where they're getting them!

It's the American dream to own your own home, especially one built from the ground up to your specifications, but having someone walk in and make off with your property is not part of that dream.

Detective Jeff Hibbert with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says in the past two months there have been a rash of burglaries at newly built homes within area subdivisions, and authorities say in many of these cases, there was no sign of forced entry. They say the thieves basically had easy access.

"Windows that are being left opened, doors that are being left unlocked. Maybe you'll lock the back or front door and forget about the door leading to the garage, and the garage can still be lifted up, someone can just walk into your home," says Hibbert.

Paul Bist is an area realtor. He says after showing home to a potential buyer he not only locks but double checks the entire home.

"And even then, we find that when realtors come and show the house, they'll open the door the next day and the door will be unlocked, so we the realtors are probably as guilty as anyone else," says Paul.

Detective Hibbert says the Sheriff's Office has been following up on several leads and has a few potential suspects.

If you have any information concerning these thefts, contact the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 922-3300.