Williams Murder Trial Continues

Testimony began Wednesday in the murder trial of Nukarri Williams, and the first person to take the stand was the victim's mother.

Dot Burris placed a 9-1-1 call last March. She heard shots at her daughter's trailer next door, but was too afraid to go outside to see what was going on.

“I was scared of who might be outside because I didn't know how many people might be out there,” explains Burris.

That night in March 2003, 31-year-old Daphne Godwin, was shot and killed in her own bed. Her live-in boyfriend, Dale Ledbetter, was shot too, but survived.

Now, 23-year-old Nukarri Williams is on trial for the double shooting, and could face the death penalty for it.

"This cone here indicates where a handgun was located. You can see a little bit of the handgun on the video and I zoom in on that,” says Detective Steve Woodcock, LCSO.

Detectives walked the jury through a videotape of the crime scene, but the most powerful testimony could come Thursday as shooting survivor Dale Ledbetter takes the stand.

WCTV will be back in court Thursday to bring you that testimony.