Local Movie Theater to Get Facelift

Officials are reeling out plans of a complete facelift for the more than six-decade-old theatre.

The director of Cairo’s Regional Community Center, or RCC, says having a movie theatre in a small town is truly a blessing, and she has plans to keep the Zebulon as a main attraction here.

“There are lots of theatre's old theatres like the Zebulon that are falling left and right,” explains Misty Weaver, RCC Director.

"Some of the ones in Tallahassee are a lot fancier and newer and everything we're still, with the age that we are, we give a great performance here,” adds Zebulon volunteer Shelton Singletary.

However, the years have taken a toll on the structure. Everything from lighting in the bathrooms to the theatre seats to the outside appearance is in need of an upgrade.

"We'll be restoring the historical charm of the facility. We are not going to change that much we are actually wanting to keep it in its original state as much as possible. Just update a little bit and make it more user friendly,” Weaver adds.

"It's definitely a gem it's definitely worth the effort put into it,” Shelton says.

That effort has kept the Zebulon standing for the past 68 years, and officials say they hope refurbishing the facility will keep it running for generations to come.

The RCC is holding a public meeting about the restoration of the theatre Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in the gallery of RCC.

For more information call 229-377-3191.