FAMU Vet Tech Program Partners With Local Animal Shelter

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Gadsden County has been hoping to improve its animal control services. At the same time FAMU wanted to vamp up its veterinary programs. So, the partnership that has just formed between the two organizations is already a win win for both sides.

A new partnership will not only improve the livelihood of animals in Gadsden County, but the education of students who are on the path to help them.

The Gadsden County Animal Control recently began a relationship with FAMU's Veterinary Tech Program. The county needed to improve the operations of animal control and the students needed animals to work with.

Gadsden County Administrative Coordinator, Charles Chapman says,
"It was good timing for both agencies. FAMU is wanting to expand that program, we're wanting to improve and expand our program so it became an opportunity where we could get on the ground floor together and build something that has really been needed in the county for a long time."

FAMU's vet program which began last semester was designed to ramp up its program with more formal classes and lab experience.

Dr. Eric Peterson, a FAMU Extension Veterinarian says, "We had spoke with Mr. Chapman in regards to using animals they have at the shelter to benefit our veterinary technology program. Obviously with a program like that, you want students to have hands on experience with the animals."

Those in the county say this partnership is exactly what was needed for their animal control situation.

Commissioner Eugene Lamb says, "We need to partner with someone. I think it's a great situation going with FAMU because I've been asked a lot of questions in Gadsden County about our animal control and I think were headed in the right direction."

The plan would cover between a 3 and 5 year partnership. But they say there are already plans to get a continuing program for the next 10-20 years down the road.

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