Food for Thought

A local organization is calling attention to the epidemic of world hunger. It's National Hunger Awareness Day and America's Second Harvest of the Big Bend wants folks to know hunger exists right here in our community.

Folks with the Second Harvest of the Big Bend say the idea that there are people that go to bed at night with an empty stomach is tough for some folks to swallow.

Andy Windsor, director of the Second Harvest food bank, says, "The perspective of people who are hungry typically tends to be those people holding those signs saying will work for food, but what we've experienced both nationally and here is that it is that mom and dad working two jobs to make ends meet."

Windsor says ten percent of Florida's population can't put food on their table, but here's some food for thought, there are ways you can help out.

In honor of National Hunger Awareness Day the Second Harvest of the Big Bend is teaming up with Super Lube for a food drive. All month long you can drop off your non-perishable food items at any Super Lube location.

John Whaley of First Baptist Church of Crawfordville says, "A number of people are not aware of how large the hunger population is in Wakulla, Leon counties and surrounding areas. And how much the donations at second harvest are able to help these people in desperate need."

Andy adds, "We're hoping this day will bring awareness into everyone's mind that hunger does exist."

Windsor hopes folks will lend a hand to help alleviate a worldwide epidemic that’s going on in our own backyard.

The food drive goes through July 3. The Second Harvest food bank is in need of any non-perishable donations and you can even drop off non-food products.