VSU's Growth Plans

After months of crafting and planning, Valdosta State University's aggressive growth plan has been approved by Georgia's Board of Regents.

The approval means VSU can begin working to add thousands of students and dozens of new degree programs. VSU can now expand its areas of study, which will include more medical programs, and in return it will increase the opportunities for students and raise the quality of health care for folks around our area.

The future of Valdosta State University is a bit brighter now since the school's ten year master plan has been approved. Growth planners say the approval of their plan was necessary to keep VSU moving in the right direction.

Marsha Krotseng, VSU Planning Director, says, "This was absolutely critical to our future. It’s wonderful news because with our plans without having this foundation for the campus, having these basis approved, we would not be able to more forward."

The new master plan paves the way for more student housing, on-campus parking and a new medical school.

This site would be the home to the proposed Health Science Center for VSU, and it happens to be right across the street from South Georgia Medical Center, and University President Ron Zaccari says having the school here across from the hospital would be a great opportunity for the entire community.

Ronald Zaccari says, “It’s an opportunity for us to grow into a medical park concept and have our master plan and SGMC's master plan converge on how we'll support health care."

Administrators say the approved growth of VSU will continue to transform this school into a major regional resource. VSU must still gain the Board of Regents’ approval for each phase of their master plan, but that shouldn't be a problem because the main plan has already been given the green light.

Students and local residents are thrilled the master plan calls for a major increase in on-campus parking, which has been a problem for some time.