FSU Stride Program Reunion

A program to reach out to students from culturally diverse backgrounds is showing promise.

FSU's Stride program directors say since 1994, 85 percent of the students they've encountered have gone on to a four year institution, many of them in the field of science and medicine.

The FSU college of medicine's Stride program in action involves local premed college students teaching middle and high schoolers about the medical and science fields.

During a 10 year Stride reunion, former high schoolers reflected on how the program encouraged them. Over the past 10 years, Stride has touched the lives of more than 500 students in Leon County from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Kendall Campbell were both on hand to share their success stories. They say early intervention is necessary for recruitment.

Stride is currently expanding to several Big Bend counties, including Gadsden and Madison.