Survivor Testifies in Murder Trial

Dale Ledbetter survived the shooting at his home that night, but his longtime girlfriend Daphne Godwin did not.

Dale Ledbetter took the stand to describe the night he was shot in the cheek, and as he lay face down in the driveway heard his girlfriend inside their home pleading for her life.

Dale Ledbetter says, "I started to come to, to come up. I cleared the furniture and I seen him shoot her in the back of the head and I seen her hair fly up."

Twenty-three-year-old Nukarri Williams is now on trial for shooting Ledbetter and for killing his girlfriend Daphne Godwin. It all happened at the trailer on Williams Road last March.

Ledbetter contends Williams, who sold him crack cocaine on several occasions, had come to his home uninvited and shot him without warning, but Williams' attorney contends that's not what happened at all. He contends Ledbetter started it, picking up a gun when Williams insulted his girlfriend.

Prosecutors claim Williams shot Ledbetter and Godwin over a $300 cocaine debt. This trial could last into next week. We'll keep you up to date.