Maloy Facing Fines for Allegations of Campaign Finance Violations

The FEC could fine Maloy more than $60,000 for allegedly breaking campaign finance rules during his 2000 campaign.

The Florida Elections Commission has alleged that on 47 separate occasions, Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy violated elections law during his run in 2000. Maloy's attorney Mark Herron says among the many violations, most relate to instances when Maloy reportedly signed campaign checks although he was not the campaign treasurer.

"There's been some litigation here in town in front of the courts, with respect to this complaint; a judge entered an order saying the elections commission could proceed with this complaint. Mr. Maloy has appealed that order,” Herron explains.

Florida state attorney Willie Meggs, filed a complaint with the FEC a while back, and what the elections commission has recently done is issue an order of probable cause alleging the 47 violations.

"This is the natural time for this to come out, I don't see any conspiracy type thing,” adds Herron.

Herron says the next step is for he and his client will request an administrative hearing, “The evidence needs to be presented, whether as to Maloy intentionally or willfully violated the law, then the judge will enter his order or recommendation as to whether, what he thinks the evidence shows."

At the request of Herron, Commissioner Maloy was unavailable for comment.

State attorney Meggs was also unavailable Thursday.