Babies and Mental Health Issues

Some of us may think those cute little babies we “ooh and ahhh” over are unaware of their surroundings, but studies show even before an infant's first birthday they can suffer from mental health issues caused by a stressful home.

Here's more on a new FSU institute aimed to educate various sectors of society.

Researchers in the field of infant mental health say there are thousands of Florida children in need.

Doctors say these situations and more can cause infants to suffer from depression, traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems. Now, Florida will have a center focused on infant mental health issues housed within Florida State University.

Researchers will also be training people who can identify high risk children such as judges, DCF workers, law enforcement and pediatrics and as for parents, experts say moms and dads need to try and maintain a loving, safe environment for their children.

FSU's mental health training institute opened Friday. Faculty hope to bring attention to the need for more research, policy and professional development in Florida.