National History Day Competition

Students from Lincoln High School will soon embark on a nearly 900 mile journey in hopes of bringing back a blue ribbon in the National History Day competition.

For the past six months Lincoln High School seniors have been studying the story of the Sunshine State.

Robbie Estevez, Florida History Fair winner, says, "Taken in a lot, better time line of Florida's history and the impact of those two men and transforming Florida."

Their topic? Turn of the century Florida and the two men who changed the face of Florida, Henry Flagler and Henry Plant.

Just as Flagler and Plant's hard work put Florida on the map, these seniors are well on their way to garnering widespread attention. They're heading to the National History Day competition in Maryland where they'll unveil their award winning documentary.

Sarah Fannin, Florida History Fair winner, says, "When you see final piece and see judges watching the final piece, you are relieved that everything came together."

The teenage historians have already won at the district and state levels, know they're keeping their fingers crossed for a national title.

The Lincoln High School students also won the Florida Heritage Award for outstanding research. Fifteen Leon County students in all will make the journey to College Park, Maryland. They leave next Friday. Good luck!