Midway Residents Question City Water Supply

Many say the water may be contaminated, but Talquin officials deny that claim. Officials say they routinely check the water source and believe it to be safe.

Verda Bennett has been periodically checking the water coming out of the taps. She says the city manager informed her the water may be contaminated.

"He should inform all the citizens of Midway because that's a great concern for our health and we're drinking that water and last night it was reinforced again that we should be drinking water and still today the citizens are not informed.”

But the city manager denies making that comment.

Paul Piller, Midway city manager, says, "To the best of my knowledge the water is not contaminated. It is dirty in some areas that's because the water at the dead end. We have been working with Talquin Electric to try to resolve the problem. The short term solution is for Talquin to plow the water out more often than they do."

Talquin officials say the copper colored water is just mineral composite and is not uncommon to see. They say it poses no threat to residents.

Neil Gray, superintendent of the Water Services Department, says, "The water in that area is very good. We have never had bacteria in that area. If they have any questions they can contact DEP. They have complete records of the test we made on this water.”

In fact, Gray says Talquin frequently tests its water, making sure residents in Midway receive fresh clean water everyday. Residents are encouraged to call Talquin Electric if they have any problems with their water supply.