Fishing Rodeo

Children in Thomas County also spent their Saturday morning with rod and reel in hand. And if they were lucky, a string full of catfish too! As the city of Thomasville's 11th Annual Kids' Fishing Rodeo got underway.

The Department of Natural Resources has kept this pond stocked with catfish for a year, and now the kids get first dibs! There are about 175 children out here to compete and just have a good day fishing.

Catfish, brim, and even bass are in the Cassidy road pond for the taking and a little competition ups the ante.

Young angler Nick Murphy said, "I'm just here to have fun and go fishing. Try to win!" Prizes are awarded in different age groups for whoever catches the most poundage of catfish, and for the most exotic catch.

Organizers say the rodeo makes the morning fun for all and sometimes a little too much fun for the parents.

Parent Camille Payne said, "We do get on to the parents we see holding onto the fishing rods. Sometimes we really have to remind them that it's the kids that are supposed to be fishing and not the parents!”

After a Senior Citizens' Fishing Rodeo on Wednesday, the pond will be open to the public for the entire summer. Rodeo organizers hope this shows children how to have good clean fun on their vacation.

The event was also sponsored by the Thomasville YMCA, the Kiwanis Club and Wal-Mart. Prize winners will be announced at the city administration building on Thursday.