Investigation Results

Two weeks ago we told you about allegations of sexual harassment against Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy. We now have the outcome of the investigation into those allegations.

Commissioner Maloy says he's pleased and glad that it's over. The report indicates the allegations of workplace harassment are not sustained.

Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy says he wants an apology for himself and his family for the false allegations against him.

Two weeks ago, Maloy's commission aide Gwendolyn Simmonds asked the county administrator for a job transfer. The county administrator says the reason for her request lead to an investigation by a Jacksonville firm.

After interviewing nine people the conclusion is the allegations of workplace harassment against Commissioner Maloy are not sustained. None of the witnesses personally observed Commissioner Maloy engage in any of the inappropriate activities initially alleged by Ms. Simmonds.

Parwez Alam, Leon County Administrator, says, "The board is really limited in what it can do. Commissioner Maloy is an independently elected official, so it would be up to the people to do something if they want to."

"I don't know where this came from. I am up for re-election and I hope the people of Leon County can see that this has happened before and once again, I have been cleared," says Maloy.

In the conclusion of the investigation, it states the county did exactly as it should have and that's inform the proper people and start an investigation.

The commissioner says it's possible she was put up to this because she never did sign any thing accusing him of sexual harassment. The county administrator says at this point she will not be fired.