Summer Program

A community center in Cairo, Georgia opened its doors for the first time this summer offering more than just fun and games for hundreds of students during the break.

The summer program at Holder Park is almost like a summer school. There's everything from kickball to chess, but there's also plenty of reading, writing and arithmetic.

The idea behind this summer program is to keep kids off the street and in a positive environment while schools are closed and kids are getting a kick out of the program.

Marquis Tise, who enjoys learning over the summer, says, "I get to be with my friends. I want to somewhere and I don't want to stay stuck up in the house."

But these kids are getting the best of both worlds. Not only are they enjoying some summer time fun, they also take part in reading, math and other academic activities.

This is the first year of the summer program and there's about 100 kids signed up for it, but organizers say they've had to turn kids away because of the amount of staff they have on hand.

Thelma Garrison, a park attendant, says, "It's too many children for the ones that we have. We'd liked to have at least two people assigned to a group of children. We also would like to have some ex-teachers in here that can teach reading and math to help keep up with the grades while school is out."

Organizers say there was a need for a facility like this in the community, helping to keep kids out of trouble over the summer and their minds focused on the future.

The program is free and organizers say there are still dozens of kids on the waiting list for the program. They are in need of volunteers. If you'd like more information call 229-378-3099.