New Development in the Works for Wakulla County

The state and county commissioners must still agree on a final settlement to build some 800 new homes in Wakulla County where the population is about one-quarter the size of the amount of visitors passing through town.

Gaining permanent residents is a goal. That's why county commissioners are eager to move forward on the N.G. Wade development, a plan to build hundreds of homes while generating jobs.

The major road block is this thoroughfare, a highway linking Wakulla to Leon County.

Bob Rackleff of the Leon County Commission says, “That's gonna generate a lot of traffic on Woodville Highway which is already at capacity.”

The community would sit just a few miles south of the Leon County line. It would be one of the largest developments in rural Wakulla County where commissioners agree Leon would be impacted by the traffic but say it's ultimately their county's decision.

Mike Stewart, Wakulla County Commissioner, says, “Nobody asked Wakulla what they thought about the south side development. We want to be good neighbors.”

Rackleff adds, “Our development almost had no impact on them. We're talking about a large subdivision of 800 homes with everyone using Woodville highway to come to town.”

The Department of Community Affairs says it recognizes the problem and has initiated several revisions of the project. Now, both commissions eagerly await the state's final settlement expected to arrive this week.

That final settlement from the DCA should be submitted to Wakulla County Tuesday. If the state and county agree, Stewart says the development will move forward as planned.