Lake Miccosukee Dam

Thousands of gallons of water have been pouring out of Lake Miccosukee in Jefferson County forcing crews to do emergency repairs.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Department of Environmental Protection are working together to prevent the lake from being a total wash.

Frank Beaty and his pal have been fishing in Lake Miccosukee for years reeling in some of the largest brims from the water, but his favorite pastime was almost put on hold.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials are repairing the dam on the lake. They say thousands of gallons of water have been flowing out of the lake and into a nearby sinkhole.

Don Walter of the Orange Hill Soil and Water Conservation says, "The pipes and gate that are in there now have holes in them and that's why it's an emergency to get it down as fast as possible so that this lake does not drain."

And to avoid that crews have been installing steel pipes. In addition officials are keeping an eye on the leak making sure no additional water is draining from the lake.

Michael Hill adds, “If a leak continues to worsen it could happen rather suddenly and it could carry a lot of earth with it right back into the sinkhole and then it would be this gapping hole in the lake, which stabilize is 6,000 acres, which would rapidly reduced to about 600 acres."

With emergency crews working diligently repairing the leak more fishermen and wildlife will continue to enjoy the lake for years to come.

The $300,000 project is expected to be completed in the next two months.