Drugs and Cash Found in Tallahassee Apartment

Tenants of the Seminole Ridge Apartments were shocked to learn of a major drug bust, right in their backyard.

"I was actually on my way back from the hospital and I saw the FDLE kind of just come in and storm the place, people are just trying to make their money, but there are better ways to make money you know,” recalls tenant Alvin Nalupara.

Authorities say the raid turned up close to $70,000 in cash, more than 900 grams of marijuana and close to 50 grams of cocaine.

"It makes you feel safe. It let's you know the police are involved in what's going on inside your community, that's a good thing,” says tenant Tavares Hampton.

Five men were arrested, all between the ages of 22 and 24. Authorities say some were residents of Seminole Ridge, some were not.

Daria Brogsdale says this could have happened at any other apartment complex, but wishes apartment management could do more to protect their tenants.

“The lodging office period needs to do something about it. They need to have more inspections; they need to have more checkups, if they know drugs are being there,” Brogsdale says.

But when we spoke to a member of management, they said some matters are just out of their hands.

"If it’s an illegal activity, I'm not a cop, so pretty much if it's something I can handle on my level, I try to talk to the people but beyond that, it's not in our hands, that's a police issue,” says a member of the Seminole Ridge Management Chris Young.

The five men arrested are currently out on bond.