State Election Official Moves On

The elections chief in Florida has announced his resignation. Ed Kast, the man who oversaw the state's voting machinery, says he is moving on. He says that it was the right time for his departure and that by leaving now it gives his replacement enough time to step in and pick up where he left off.

Just months before the big presidential election Florida's top elections official is stepping down.

"My leaving has nothing to do with the voter roll or the felon list. My leaving is a conscious decision by myself. I've been thinking about it for a long time," says Kast.

Ed Kast, who had the job of overseeing the state's voter machinery, says he’s leaving to “pursue other interests.”

"The department has supported me, the secretary has supported me, it's just a time in my life to move on to the next step," Kast adds.

Some say his decision to leave somewhat echoes what happened in the 2000 election.

Janet Olin, the assistant Supervisor of Elections for Leon County, says there's been a problem in the past with instability within the elections division. Olin says whenever there are changes in the upper ranks, Florida's 67 counties end up suffering the most in their relationship with the state.

"You need to see that partnership where we're approaching issues in a unified manner, not us finding out two days before the fellow list is launching upon us," says Olin.

Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood has appointed attorney Dawn Roberts to the post and she will take over the Division of Elections starting June 15.