A Look into Wakulla High School's Junior ROTC Boot Camp

Dozens of students are testing their strength and determination at a grueling physical and mental summer school course.

It's boot camp time at Wakulla High School. Time for grueling drills, time for physical challenges, time for seniors to assume their roles as the top dogs.

At the War Eagles’ nest, some 88 cadets are giving up two weeks of summer vacation to test their endurance, their discipline and most importantly, their confidence.

The Junior ROTC boot camp is tough business. From outdoor drills to uniform checks, the two week intensive course replicates a true Naval unit.

For some students the structure is what motivates them to succeed, something they'll carry with them through life even if that doesn't include a military career, but if you ask the majority, a future wearing these crisp uniforms is exactly why they're here, making every painful sit-up worth it in the end.

The Junior ROTC boot camp wraps up next week with graduation on Tuesday. Each student earns a half credit after completing the course.