Tallahassee Jury Spares Life of Convicted Murderer

The jury decided against the death penalty Tuesday afternoon in the case of Nukarri Williams.

Williams had tears in his eyes, but the man who survived that shooting got up and promptly walked out of the courtroom.

Nukarri Williams avoided the death penalty as the judge sentenced him to life in prison late Tuesday afternoon. Williams was found guilty of murdering Daphne Godwin and of trying to murder her boyfriend Dale Ledbetter in a shooting at the couple's home last spring.

Most of the testimony Tuesday came from Williams’ family as they begged the jury to spare his life.

Mavis Brown, Williams' girlfriend, said, "I have a nine-month-old son whose name is also Nukarri Williams, Jr. My baby has never seen his father and he never will see his father if you…"

Archie Albritton, Williams' father, said, "I'd also like to take this opportunity from my family to express our sorrow to the families of the victims. Our prayers have been for our family as well as theirs."

It took the jury two hours to convict Williams and two more to recommend a life sentence.

As Williams was led away to jail he approached the murder victim's mother and was quickly pulled away. None of the victim's family members would comment on camera in the wake of the "life sentence", but Daphne Godwin's mother said, "He took her life, the jury should have taken his."