College Preps for High School Students

Some local high school students are skipping sleeping in in order to improve their math and reading scores. For the next several weeks, students from Leon, Gadsden and Wakulla Counties will be on a college campus to give them a better chance for a better future.

The TCC Connection program is again underway helping local high schoolers who scored below level on the college placement test.

Reda Jowhari, a Godby High School senior, said, “My reading skills weren't that high, and I heard about this program. they said they could help me, so I came here to improve my reading skills and become better by studying, by participating, by doing.”

The purpose of the program is to get these students prepared for college. Otherwise, coordinators say they may find themselves paying for college prep courses, which can hurt morale.

Dr. Bertha Murray, a TCC Connection coordinator, says, “They might end up taking classes for no credit, plus it puts them behind.”

For those seeking reading help, it’s a three week course. For math, a six-week stint. Students admit it's a little difficult giving up some summertime.

Danielle Footman, a Lincoln High School junior, says, “Yeah, but I thought hey, this is important to come here and improve my reading scores and stuff.”

TCC Connection has been around since 1994. Coordinators say between 80 and 90 percent of students typically pass the college placement test as a result of the program.