Welcome Home!

More than a hundred airmen returned home to Moody Air Force Base today, after another round of service in Iraq. This homecoming was extra special, as two airmen were honored with Purple Hearts for their sacrifices in the line of duty.

Their spirits are high, and despite their serious injuries the airmen say they are ready to go back, as you can imagine, the families are going make them wait a little while.

Members of the 822nd security forces proudly marched to the welcoming cheers of friends and loved ones on Friday, after serving for more than three months in Iraq.

"It’s a godsend. He has to do his job and we stay back here. Just when they get off that plane, and I see his face, that's just good for me."

Senior Master Sergeant Richard Parsons was one of two airmen awarded with the Purple Heart for being wounded in the line of duty.

"I was injured during a convoy operation. Our convoy was attacked and during the fire fight, in the midst of the tribulation, I actually sustained damage from getting run over and hit by a Hummer. I've got 80 percent use of my elbow back, which is a blessing. Also, I have the nerve damage to my hand coming around. I've got use of my wrist now."

Only two of these hundred plus airmen were injured, and these airmen say having the entire squadron come home alive from a dangerous place like Iraq is always a thrill.

"It’s as fresh and exciting as the first time. Seeing your family out here and supporting you, its just one of the best things you can get when you can come home, everything is secondary."

Members of the 822nd Security Forces will enjoy some time off with family and friends, before returning to moody to train and they're likely to be deployed in about six months.

Senior Master Sergeant Richard Parsons expects to make a full recovery, and he says even if he doesn't, he's just thankful to be alive.