Fighting Asthma

Studies show asthma causes more visits to the emergency room than any other childhood disease. Doctors say many children who are asthmatic or suffer other breathing problems often allow their illness to keep them from living their lives to the fullest.

At Camp Easy-Air, kids who suffer from asthma have learned how to minimize attacks, and in the case one happens, how to handle it.

The children may be young, but they've already had to deal with more hardships than many kids their age.

"It feels like my lungs are closing up... I can't breathe very good..."

Camp Easy-Air is a place for children with asthma and their parents to learn how to manage the illness and minimize flare-ups.

"We teach people proper use of inhalers, peak flows, and if they use their medication properly, they can do anything other children can do."

Elements that induce simple allergies in some folks can trigger a serious attack in patients with asthma, and children here learn situations to avoid.

"Pollen, smoke, second-hand smoking…that's even worse than smoking itself."

Camp organizers say as long as these children keep up a good treatment plan, they should be able to play sports, sleep through the night, and steer clear of the hospital.

Camp Easy-Air is sponsored each summer by Archbold Hospital and Southwest Georgia Technical College.

The camp is always held in Thomasville, but this year organizers branched the program out to Grady County, Mitchell County, and Brooks County.