President Reagan Laid to Rest

The casket containing the body of former President Ronald Reagan arrived back in his beloved California Friday night following a flight from Washington and a motorcade from the Navy Air Station at Point Mugu.

Ronald Reagan's burial at the Reagan Library the final ceremony in what's been a week of carefully orchestrated pageantry a week that brought the Reagan family grief and sadness but also relief that Ronald Reagan's 10-year decline from Alzheimer's disease was finally over.

Friday night Reagan's funeral was attended by some 700 family friends like actor Tom Selleck who met Reagan in Hawaii during his Magnum P.I. days.

On the long road leading up to the library people waited to catch a glimpse of the motorcade and were treated to a fly over by the presidential plane the private funeral follows three days of mourning in the nation's capital.

The national cathedral was filled with dignitaries President Bush, his four living predecessors 25 heads of state, and a host of former leaders and ambassadors.

Brian Mulroney, former Canadian prime minister, said, "Ronald Reagan does not enter history tentatively. He does so with certainty and panache."

George H. W. Bush at times struggled to get through his eulogy.

George H. W. Bush: "As his vice president, I learned more from Ronald Reagan than anyone I've encountered in all my years of public life."

But there was also laughter.

George H. W. Bush: "When asked how was your meeting with Bishop Tutu. He replied, 'so-so'."

But more than anything else Reagan was remembered as a man of conviction.

President Bush said, "His convictions were always politely stated, affably argued, and as firm and straight as the columns of his cathedral."

Now, the Reagan legacy ends where it began in the west.