A Refreshing Business

The next time you're in the grocery store check out the beverage aisle. That's where you'll find a piece of north Florida in the form of H20.

Nestle Waters has begun packaging its Deer Park water, and this crystal clear refreshment is made right in your own backyard.

Take a plunge into the bluest water in Madison County, or take a gulp because this clear blue heaven can now be found in a bottle.

A bottled water giant, Nestle Waters has set up shop in rural Madison County, and it's gaining applause from many locals.

Alfred Welch, a Madison County resident, says, “This used to be farm land, quite a change from today.”

Change is right. Take for instance the 2.8 million gallons of water being pumped out of this facility each day or what about the 70 new jobs the bottling plant has created.

Things are definitely different in Madison County, but why here, why now?

Rob Fisher, Plant Manager, says, “One is the water, two is the business climate, had no difficulty hiring fantastic employees.”

In fact, 43 percent of those hired came from Madison, another 40 percent were found in neighboring counties, and about 12 percent came down from Georgia.

Rep Will Kendrick, (D) north FL, says, “That's important because don't have a lot of jobs in North Florida- when an employer of this size comes it's important! Everyone needs to get behind something of this nature.”

Nestle officials say the average flow from the Madison Blue Spring is about 75 million gallons a day. Compare that to the 2.8 million Nestle takes each day to bottle water, and officials say folks should feel reassured that the company is not depleting the resource.