Striking Property Damage

Many of us have seen a stormy Monday with thunderstorms rolling throughout our region, and as we know, with thunderstorms comes lightning.

According to an FSU professor, lightning is the number one cause of property damage in Georgia.

Tony Stallins, an FSU professor, says lightning is something that should light a fire under us to take action. After conducting a four-year study in Georgia, he found lightning causes the most property damage, making up 53 percent of all weather related claims in the Peach State, and Florida gets its fair share.

Neal Rausch, owner of Appliance Service of Tallahassee, says he sees hundreds of items that have been zapped.

Professor Stallins adds that lightning is not the most costly weather related claim. However, with a possible 700,000 lightning strikes a year in Georgia, it is the reason most people end up in the insurance office.