Governor's Honors Program at VSU

Hundreds of the brightest high school students have moved into a local university for the summer for a unique learning experience.

For 25 consecutive years, the Governor's Honors Program is being held at Valdosta State. It’s a major benefit for everyone involved. Students get a first rate educational experience, while VSU gets to make in impression on some of the best minds in the Peach State.

Some 675 of the smartest high schoolers from around Georgia are now attending the six week long Governor's Honors Program at VSU.

Dale Lyles says, "The program is designed to provide instruction for those kids that is significantly different from the high school classroom. We hope we're providing instruction that empowers them to become life long learners."

It also a huge opportunity for VSU as it’s able to fill its dorms and classrooms for a large portion of the summer. It also allows the university to market itself to the most coveted, soon to be college students.

These kids simply say they benefit by being around the brightest minds.

Craig Thomson, attending from Atlanta, says, "I hope to meet more people. I like hanging around people of this caliber and hopefully learn some more Latin."

"It’s unique because it’s a different sort of teaching they have here. It’s specialized and you just get to be with a bunch of great people. It’s just having everyone on a high level. I think it’s really fun and we all enjoy it and just have a good time and try learning at the same time," adds 17-year-old Zack Howard.

The university and the students are not the only ones who can enjoy this program as there are dozens of free student performances open to the people of south Georgia.

The students involved are highly recruited around the nation, and this helps make them aware of what great opportunities are available in their home state.