Residents Displaced by Demolition Grant

Ten-year-old Demontez Fisher and his grandmother live at Ebony Gardens. When word came the complex would be demolished, Fisher and others prayed some things would stay the same.

Catrina Crumbie of Ebony Gardens says, "I'm glad they're tearing down these apartments, my problem is I don't know where to go."

Claudette Cromartie with the Tallahassee Housing Authority says she applied for two grants through HUD. One would have revitalized Ebony Gardens, the other was strictly a demolition grant.

Claudette Cromartie of the Tallahassee Housing Authority says, "We did not get the one to rebuild Ebony Gardens, we did receive the one for demolition."

Cromartie's goal is to help residents understand that the demolition is a reality.

"The majority of the residents say we would like to be in something different, we would like to be in something more modern, safer and where we have our own individual space."

Emma McQueen has lived in Ebony Gardens 16 years, but she says that now she's ready for something different in her life.

"The change is good, there's a lot who wants to go, there's a lot who want to stay, but I say it's time to step outside of the box."

Cromartie says the residents will receive housing choice vouchers as well as have their relocation expenses taken care of. Cromartie also says the children of Ebony Gardens will get first priority from the School Board if they want to stay in their current school zone.