Dads Encouraged to Quit Smoking for Father's Day

The south health district in Georgia is asking kids around the state to encourage dads to throw out their bad habits for Father's Day.

Officials say the Tobacco Quit Line is the perfect gift for dad this year.

Kenyarda Moore, a tobacco prevention media specialist, says, "Whenever a child approaches a parent and asks them to call, hopefully that will tug at the dad's heart strings and they will call the number, or if they aren't ready to make the call right away just hand on to the number and when they feel within themselves they are ready to make the call to quit the tobacco habit that they will follow up on that."

Local resident James Wright thanks his kids for helping him quit his smoking habit.

Jamelia says, "He always used to be out there on the front porch smoking, so I said Dad will you please stop smoking and he just stopped smoking."

After tobacco users call the Quit Line they are sent what is called a quit kit. In this kit comes supportive materials to help them kick their tobacco habit. Officials say smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the United States and the Wright kids couldn't be more proud of their dad.

The service is strictly anonymous and officials say it's the first step to stopping the tobacco habit. The Quit Line is a free resource that provides counseling and referral services to all Georgia residents age 18 or older. The number to call is 1-877-270-STOP.