Failing Grade

Several schools in our area are still reeling from Tuesday's news about getting a failing grade. School districts in Gadsden, Jefferson and Madison Counties all had F schools

School administrators in those counties are not pleased. Gadsden County school Superintendent Sterling DuPont says for the past three years, his schools have made gains, but now DuPont says his biggest job is to find out why five of his 13 schools made an F.

DuPont says, "Our goal is to go back and look at what we've done in the past, and what we can do in the future. We're determined to do just that."

Gadsden County joins Jefferson and Madison Counties as having the top three percentages of schools of schools receiving an F. However, each county has a different number of schools. For example, Jefferson has only three schools, while Madison has only six.

School Superintendent Phil Barker of Jefferson County was stunned at the grade given to Jefferson County High School. He immediately called a conference with his school site administrators.

Madison County had two schools to receive an F. An official with Madison County schools says the news of Madison County High School receiving an F was upsetting.

Julia Waldrep of Madison County Schools says, "That school had been a C last year, and to find out it was an F we were rather disappointed."

Waldrep went on to say overall, their gains in reading were not where they had wanted them to be, and so that's where more attention will be placed next school term.

School administrators say they thought the reason for the F grades was lack of parent involvement. Another was a possible breakdown of the school system by everyone not working together.