Bogus Bills

Nearly a month after AT&T promised to stop sending out bogus bills to Florida phone customers, complaints are still coming in to the attorney general’s office.

Tuesday was the court-imposed deadline for AT&T to have made sure wrongly billed customers had credits or refunds on the way, but customers are still waiting for the money and in some cases, are still being billed.

Andy Beery is one of more than a million phone customers nationwide who has been getting bogus bills from AT&T each month.

Andy says, “I didn’t even know it until Attorney General Crist’s office put it in the newspaper and on TV, so I went back to check my bills, and that’s where we recognized that yeah, we’re getting charged too.”

Attorney Gen. Charlie Crist took AT&T to court last month to force it to stop the billing mistakes and pay Floridians back, but complaints are still coming in from customers being wrongly billed, some as recently as last week. Beery holds a bill where he was credited the 10 dollars and change he was billed by mistake, only to be wrongly charged again on the same bill.

The Attorney General’s office says it’s concerned that phone customers are still complaining of getting mistakenly billed, even after AT&T said it had fixed the problem.

Brandi Brown with AT&T insists credits or refund checks for everyone wrongly billed as of may 18th are on the way, just like the judge ordered.

“They may not have actually gotten their refund check or their statement if they are an AT&T customer may not reflect that refund, but they are in our computer system and will receive those in the next billing cycle,” she says.

But that doesn’t explain why some people are still getting the bogus bills.

Andy Beery is tired of excuses.

“For that little bit of money, you’d think they’d just take care of it and say I’m sorry, but, nothing. You can’t even get ‘em on the phone.”

In the meantime, the attorney general is seeking damages from AT&T for alleged false and misleading business practices. AT&T says you will automatically receive a credit on your bill if you’re an AT&T customer or a refund check in the mail if you were wrongly billed. You don’t have to contact the company, but it could take up to 90 days to receive it.