Leon County Schools Publishes Crisis Manual

A crisis response manual is ready for distribution to Leon County Schools. This comprehensive guide is giving school leaders a sense of security.

This past school year, Leon County experienced just a handful of what would be considered a campus crisis. Such as a massive manhunt for a murder suspect that forced Gilchrist Elementary into lock down.

Bill Montford, Superintendent Leon County schools, said, "We can't afford to wait until something happens, so we're planning well in advance we're expecting and planning for the worse do kids and staff will be safe."

This is a step by step guide to handling a school crisis whether it is a school shooting, severe storm or student suicide.

Page after page points public school professionals to positive outcomes to serious and sometimes severe situations. In case of a fire or any other emergency the manual acts as a safety net and gives school leaders a comfort level they've never really had before.

Donna Callaway, principal at Raa Middle School, said, "Covers every crisis you could imagine, ideas and situation we have no concept of. This helps us know what to do on a moments notice."

So the next time an emergency emerges help will be right there in black and white.

The manual is based on federally recognized school crisis standards, and deals with all the new terrorism issues such as bio-terrorism.