FSU Football Player Appears In Court: Pleads No Contest

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An FSU wide receiver accused of throwing the first punch in a student union brawl, enters a plea in court.

Cameron Wade was accused of battery in a brawl between football players and fraternity members back in November 2008.

Thursday he pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of "public affray."

He'll do 25 hours of community service, and take an anger management class.

"I want to apologize to you, the court, my family, my coaches, my teammates for being a distraction to them," says Cameron Wade.

"Cameron also wants to make sure this is not a defining point in his career. he wants positive things. I think it was a selfless act on his part," says Wade's attorney Don Pumphrey.

The only one who was seriously hurt in the brawl was an innocent bystander, a young woman who was hit in the face with a chair.

Florida State Football Player Cameron Wade appeared in court this afternoon, pleading no contest for his public affray charges, stemmed from the FSU Union brawl that happened back in 2008.

Wade's attorney's asked to defer his sentencing for 60 days, so he could complete 24 hours of community service, and an anger management class.

That date has been set for April 14th.

Wade's Attorney's say the state worked with them to lessen the charges from battery to public affray.

Wade made a statement to the court and Judge Flury apologizing for the distraction he's caused to his family and to his teammates.

Wade says hes looking forward to putting this behind him.

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