Capitol Police Demonstration

With devastating terrorist events such as September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing, law enforcement officers protecting federal and state buildings know the importance of their jobs, but often times the workers within those buildings are unaware of what is going on behind the scenes.

Thursday they got an up close look. It's a frightening sound the Cabinet aides hope to never hear. Thursday, Florida Capitol Police invited employees from the governor's office to their Gadsden training ground the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy.

Trained bomb technicians explained and demonstrated how devastating just a small explosive device can be and how every day Capitol Police work to maintain the peace.

From the K-9 unit to the critical incident team, officials say they've got to be ready for any scenario.

Don Ladner, director of Florida Capitol Police, says, “The off-site mail center [is] where we screen mail to make sure it’s protected from bio-terrorism and explosive devices.”

Cabinet aides and even the media got to see the job from the officer's view. Carolyn Harty says it was an eye opening experience.

Carolyn Harty says, “We see the officers out every day. Good to see the behind the scenes, it’s very reassuring to know we're working in a safe environment.”

Capitol Police hope employees and visitors will get a better understanding of why there are so many precautions as well as restricted areas within the Capitol building