Ready for College

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In just two months students in the Big Bend area will be heading back to school. For those incoming seniors, college is right around the corner. U.S. guidance counselors are encouraging all students to get a jump start towards finding the right institution.

Jeremy Levi is college bound after graduating from Chiles High School this spring. This incoming college freshman says students need to do their homework when it comes to choosing the right university.

Jeremy Levi says, "I think visiting colleges is a big thing. I went and visited UCF and I did not mesh well with it and that's why I made my decision not to go there, so I think visiting colleges and getting a feel of what college life will be like there is a big necessity."

Though finding the right college is a necessity, school officials say acquiring the funds to complete higher education is a must. They say high school students should research scholarships that are readily available before graduating.

Farrah Serrette, the Rickards High School guidance counselor, says, "Students can come and get information from the guidance office. Also, another good resource for scholarship information is and students can go there and get scholarship information from there."

Levi says the key to getting scholarships starts with a little homework.

"I went to the guidance office and they had a file cabinet full of them. You can find a few of them for you and you can write essays on them. The schools also offer some, you have to actively look for them, e-mail people and write essays. Take it upon yourself and don't wait for things to come to you."

Good advice aimed at high school students who will eventually make the jump to college freshman. Guidance counselors encourage students to talk to college representatives to find out what the universities have to offer in both scholarships and programs.