About Face Summer Program

This summer many students in the Big Bend area are taking time away from school to get a little fun in the sun, but for several Gadsden County teens, summer means time in the classroom, but this time they're getting paid to attend.

About Face is a statewide program aimed at helping low-income students excel both academically and professionally, and this summer students in Gadsden County will get a chance to participate in the program.

More than 20 Gadsden County teenagers are working diligently this summer to become better students and citizens through the program called About Face. The students are learning a variety of skills they'll use in their everyday lives.

Kendrika Dixon learned computer skills and says, "I've learned computer literacy, like life skills. I've learned how to be a good team member and I think it's very important for me in the future because I can grow up to become a mature young lady."

Tiffany Baker, an East Gadsden student, says, "This program seemed to be education for me to learn how to get a job in the near future and how to go about real-life activities."

But for some students, the program offers an opportunity to work on core subjects to get ready for next year's FCAT.

Alex Roberts learned FCAT test-taking skills and shares, "I now have a better prospective about FCAT and I also learn life skills. I'm only going to the 10th grade and I already know how to write a check and everything."

Organizers are hoping the skills learned at this three-week program will enable these teens to become successful members of the community for years to come.

Students who participate in this statewide program are paid $20 a day, and come June 25th these students will graduate from the program. The community is cordially invited to attend.

Besides computer literacy, the program teaches the students a variety of subjects they might not learn in school such as balancing a checkbook, filling out a job application and how to live on a fixed budget.