Food Give-Away

Hundreds of needy families in southwest Georgia are eating a good meal Thursday night thanks to a commodity distribution that was held earlier Thursday.

It's sponsored by the USDA. The only thing folks had to do was show their proof of income to qualify. Organizers say about 1,700 people in our area benefit from the program.

Folks may have walked up empty handed, but they carried away up to 20 pounds of free food at Thursday’s commodity giveaway. Volunteers scrambled to prepare boxes for needy families in the area.

Alfreda Porter of the Sowega Community Action Committee says, "We have apple sauce, apple juice, peas, beans, potatoes, milk. We have some of everything, 18 items, enough to provide a nutritious meal for the families."

Mildred Smith appreciates the program and says, "It's a good program for the needy and handicapped and disabled, and it helps in many ways."

Walter Freemen came from Tallahassee to get first dibs on his share of goodies.

Walter says, "Here I am a grandfather taking care of grandchildren, and just thought this would take and save a few cents, especially with the economy we are living in now."

Organizers say hundreds of folks will stack their pantries thanks to this event, and though a lot of leg work goes in to the event, it's worth it.

Alfreda Porter says, "We enjoy doing it because we know we are helping someone and making a difference in someone's life."

Walter Freeman adds, "This is very helpful. There are a lot of people having financial difficulties, no job. Something of this nature, I think it's something that should go on more often.”

The event only took place Thursday lasting until the last food item was given away. It also took place in Mitchell and Grady Counties. If you missed this one there will be another one in September. They happen about three times a year.