Operation Moody Gratitude Gets Underway

Local residents are showing their appreciation for the men and women of Moody Air Force Base.

The folks in Valdosta are sending notes of thanks and encouragement to military personnel deployed overseas. The city has initiated Operation Moody Gratitude. The project's main mission? To send small reminders of home to the airmen overseas defending our freedom.

Capt. Erin Dick, Moody Air Force Base Spokesperson, says, "What makes it so special is when they get a piece of home, whether it's a photo, a letter, a picture. It reminds them of home and it makes them realize what they're doing over there is very important."

City employees showed their support by collecting more than 200 items to be sent to the troops. The mayor says the letters, photographs and a city magazine are only the first phase of Operation Moody Gratitude. He's hoping to expand this project to continue showing support to our airmen overseas.

John Fretti, Mayor of Valdosta, says, "I would like to go into phase two and phase two are mementos of a higher type. Maybe some reading materials, magazines, novels, something they can take up more time."

The mayor is also encouraging all citizens to continue showing their support to military personnel overseas. All the letters and tokens of appreciation collected Thursday will be heading overseas on the next flight out.

Phase one of Operation Moody Gratitude will continue for the next four weeks in Valdosta. The mayor hopes for many more letters and photographs to be included in the next batch sent overseas.