FSU Campus Construction

For some college students, summer is considered down time, but it’s the opposite for construction crews that are working feverishly to get new campus buildings up and running for fall.

Friday, we nailed down the latest projects on Florida State University's campus.

You don't have to drive more than a couple of blocks on FSU's campus to see construction underway.

Larry Rubin, director of FSU project management, says, “Summer is busy. As soon as the students moved out in May we started a half of a dozen projects ranging from parking lots to parking garages.”

Rueben is talking about the future Westside parking garage that will hold 1,500. The new facility will be located right next to the university's biggest project: the 300,000 square foot, $60 million College of Medicine building.

John Feidler, the facilities manager, says, “They got permission to start in July of last year, and they'll be moving in in September. They've made a lot of progress and actually are ahead of schedule.”

Also, some fraternities will be moving in this fall at Heritage Grove off of Ocala, and while it’s an exciting time for students, officials say it’s a plus for the local economy as more than 80 percent of the construction crews hired are from Tallahassee.

Some recently finished projects on campus are the historic renovation of the Montgomery Gym, the completion of the communication building housed on the north end zone of the stadium and the Woodward pedestrian walkway.