Picture Time, New Driver's Licenses

If you hate your driver's license picture and it's time for you to renew it, you no longer have to worry about showing off that ghastly picture.

The new Florida driver's license has quite a few features you'll love. Friday, the Department of Highway Safety unveiled the new license designed with enhanced security features.

Sandra Lambert, director of the Florida Division of Driver's Licenses, says, "It's going to alter or counterfeit. You will see a different background. It's got a beach scene, you'll see a ghost image, which is difficult to alter or counterfeit. There's a number of security features, which can't be duplicated."

In addition to preventing counterfeits, Florida's newly designed license is said to deter identity theft and fraud, a feature customers are applauding.

Kristy Freeman says, "I think it's a lot better security features. You have the two different numbers and it's a lot harder to duplicate and I think identity theft will be a lot harder these days.”

Pedro Morgado adds, "I think it's a great feature. It will make it harder for people. It's preventing identity theft. Also, the design looks great with the Florida logo."

Since word spread about the new license Thursday night, the department has been busy printing some 7,000 new licenses. Each printed license is checked thoroughly to make sure there are no flaws. Folks who renew their license by mail, telephone or the Internet will receive it in the mail.

Folks under the age of 21 will receive a vertical license, which is distinctly different, but with some of the same features to prevent fraud.