Drug Bust in Meigs

Georgia's governor's task force, a group of drug agents whose purpose is to eradicate marijuana, turned up 79 pound of plants. They were discovered off Palmer Road in Meigs, Georgia.

The plants, which ranged in height from 12 to 14 feet, were spotted in a helicopter flyover of the county. Drug agents say at that height these plants are worth about $1,000 a pound on the streets, equaling almost $79,000.

Guy Winkleman of the Thomas County Narcotics Vice Division, "This is a sizeable eradication of marijuana that will help Georgia and locally not to hit the streets, because 79 pounds would have hit the streets of Thomas County and surrounding areas."

Agents are now further investigating to figure out who is responsible for the plants. These routine flyovers usually take place about twice a year in the state.

This is the largest find this year for the task force and they say this is just the beginning of the growing season, so they expect to find even more.