South Georgia B.A.T Trailer

More than 22 local law enforcement agencies now have access to a helpful new tool designed to keep our roadways safer.

It's called a "B.A.T." trailer, and it's a combination of tools serving as a reliable breathalyzer and mobile jail cell all at the same time, and it's major purpose to help officers get more dangerous drivers off the roads.

Officers got their first glimpse of their newest tool to get more drunk and impaired drivers off the road. The "Blood-Alcohol Testing Trailer" allows officers to focus more of their time busting dangerous drivers.

SGT Earl Durrance of the Valdosta Police Department says, "We expect it to be used quite extensively. Being the traffic enforcement supervisor for the Valdosta Police Department, I know we'll use it every chance we can get."

This unit allows officers to administer the most accurate roadside sobriety test. Because this trailer is equipped with two holding cells, south Georgia law enforcement officials think it could really help close the door on the number of impaired drivers who get away with their crime.

David Richardson with the Berrien County Sheriff's Office says, "Take care of what we need to do at the site rather than having to leave the site, go to the jail and turn over the prisoner and then go back to the site, so we'll be able to maintain that site a lot longer and be able to catch some that we maybe would have missed by leaving the area."

The new "B.A.T." trailer as it’s called will serve the 12 counties in the southern regional traffic enforcement network.

Richardson adds, "Having a facility like this, it helps us immensely and being able to do the job we need to do in order to save lives in Georgia."

And the price was right for the local agencies because this unit was paid for and donated by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Some 22 agencies have access to this tool, but as far as who decides when and where it gets used, it’s as simple as calling the program administrator in Berrien County and making the request. It’s first come, first serve, and it should get plenty of use with the 4th of July holiday right around the corner.