Police Asking for Help in Search for Tallahassee Murder Suspect

It's the fifth murder in Tallahassee this year. Marion Roumeil-Greene got a terrifying wakeup call; a car careened into her lawn on 10th Avenue, struck a car parked out front and within seconds a man was at her door begging her to call 9-1-1.

Marion Roumeil-Greene says, "I thought maybe they had had a wreck. I thought maybe the man was passed out or something and the other one was trying to get him to come to."

It turns out the driver of the out of control car had been shot before the crash. A passenger was not hurt and tried to get help, but it was too late.

Twenty-three-year-old Sedrick Washington was pronounced dead on the scene. Police still do not know who pulled the trigger or why.

Stewart Clendinen, Tallahassee Police Spokesman, says, "Now we're actively working all leads possible to identify, first to recreate what happened and then to identify the suspects."

Cabril McCloud adds, "Every time I look outside all I can see is that kid's body in the grass."

Cabril McCloud heard the gunfire too, several shots, and bolted out of bed only to discover his car had been smashed. He hasn't slept a wink since.

Cabril McCloud says, "Nothing's worth a person's death as far as I'm concerned and with it being nonsense it bothered me. It bothered me."

Tallahassee police are releasing few details of what happened in the moments before the crash, but they are asking anyone who was at Club Deep Friday night who may have seen Sedrick Washington or a fight in the parking lot or two cars headed west toward 10th Avenue to call them at 891-4200.