Kids Against Hunger Volunteers Working Hard in Grady County

The faces of children in food-deprived countries was a cry for help readily heard by the Kids Against Hunger volunteers of Cairo, Georgia.

Jaleel Glenn, a volunteer, said, "We see it on TV all the time. We see hungry people that need food, children dying."

Anne Horne, the director for Kids Against Hunger, adds, "It's not their fault that they’re living in those conditions, so that broke our hearts."

These volunteers are going the distance to lend a hand. They have adopted the country of South Africa, preparing meals for children there. Each vacuum-sealed bag of vegetables and rice makes a nutritious meal that feeds six hungry mouths.

Anne Horne adds, "We intend to go down to South Africa and see for ourselves what this is doing. We're waiting to ship out first six palettes, which do the math, one palette will feed 7,128 children, so over 42,000 meals we've got ready to ship."

The mission of Kids Against Hunger is to help eradicate the problem. Volunteers also hope to feed their urge of impacting the lives of young children in need.

Horne says, "If we can make a difference by keeping them alive, not just keeping them alive, but enhancing their life, then our life would not [have] been lived in vain."

The group's goal is to feed 400,000 children by the end of the year. Kids Against Hunger is in need of more volunteers to make that happen. To find out how you can help call 229-377-0633.