Father's Day

Sunday morning at Capital Regional Medical Center his wife gave birth to his very first child.

Kyle Phelps has become a father for the first time with his daughter’s birth happening on Father's Day. Phelps said, "I'm as proud as a papa could be, I think. Big surprise, I wasn't expecting it today, but it's about as good of a present for Father's Day that I could imagine getting."

Phelps is still getting a handle on the new role and is already looking for ways to cash in on the new title; "I went to McDonald's today and got my free breakfast, so one of the few monetary gains I'll actually have for being a parent."

Meanwhile, just down the hall at Capitol Regional Medical Center, there is another bundle of joy bringing happiness to a local dad. The nurses say now there is one thing for sure, the two little girls born Sunday will never forget Father's Day.

The father of the second little girl born had to leave the hospital so he could spend some time this Father's Day with his other children.