This is the sixth murder in the Capital City this year. Around 1 a.m. Tallahassee police pulled up to the scene of a homicide. Inside the car they found the body of Oliver C. Walker II shot in the head.

SGT Eric Childs said, "We've got investigators out and we've got our forensics unit out just trying to gather all the information that we can."

The car had been abandoned in the middle of the road in a neighborhood just a few houses away from a church. After hearing of the murder, the pastor of the church said crime is not a common activity in this area. He wished the criminals involved had come to see him first.

Horace Smith, a pastor at Saint City Ministries, said, "The phone number and everything is on the sign they could have just gave me a call and maybe I could have said something to encourage them to walk away."

On Friday in another quiet neighborhood just across town police found the body of Sedric Washington, also shot dead. Now, investigators are trying to piece together the clues. They want to know if the two shootings are related, and most importantly they want to catch the killer.

The two shootings took place within 48 hours of each other. The investigations are ongoing.