Madison County Drug Bust

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News Release (February 10, 2010)
Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Monday the 8th day of February 2010 at 11:00 PM and K-9 Officer Haskell stopped a vehicle on I-10 for speeding.

Officer Haskell noted certain indicators of suspicion regarding potential illegal activity during the traffic stop and requested permission to search the vehicle. Officer Haskell deployed K-9 “ARKO” to search the exterior of the vehicle and K-9 “ARKO” alerted on the driver’s door. A search of the interior of the vehicle discovered approximately five (5) ounces of powder cocaine and one (1) ounce of crack cocaine concealed in a bag located on the drivers side floor board.

A total of $12,084.00 of US currency was located on the driver (Clementa Johnson). The Madison County Drug Task Force assisted with the case.

The currency was packaged in a manner indicative of a drug couriers fashion for transporting currency for drug transactions.

The driver, Clementa Johnson, B/M, DOB: 12/12/1976 of Hallandale Florida and Jerel Hollinger, DOB: 10/20/1974 of Miami Florida were arrested and charged with Possession of Crack cocaine with intent to distribute and Trafficking Cocaine. The currency was seized pending forfeiture proceedings.

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